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Written Testimonials Hayward Francis C.

My back has been hurting for like two months now and it came to a point that it hurts so much I needed to see a doctor. (Take note that I've never been to a Chiropractor.) I was in the Hayward area to visit my girlfriend from Oakland and I looked through Yelp and Dr. Kent Hagan, D.C. had so many good reviews and was nearby so I decided to check them out. Unfortunately my Kaiser insurance doesn't cover Chiropractor but thank god I have medical reimbursement account to cover the cost. I mean their prices was pretty affordable.

I was greeted by Adriana at front desk. Followed by Dr. Gong and then Dr. Hagan that did my preliminary check up. Thanks to Veronica for the therapy and Dr. Hagan re aligned my back. Will be coming back to them for another visit soon. Their office & their staff were exceptional. Kudos to you guys.

Success Stories Hayward Samantha R.

I used to see Dr. Hagan about 3 years ago, I was a cash patient, because I didn't have insurance at the time. They were very helpful and we worked something out to help make it more affordable. I went for my migraines, after a couple visits my migraines would be less frequent and less intense.

I was visiting the area about a month ago and made a same day appointment, I had a pretty bad migraine that day. I was treated as a new patient, since it had been 3 years, but got the same treatment. They took both my insurance cards and called both insurances right away, Dr Hagan saw me in the exam room to test range of motion and see where I have pain. Had electrical muscle stimulation, massage, then adjustment.

What People Say About Dr. Kent Hagan, D.C. | Hayward Chiropractors Tali V.

Dr Hagan's office is awesome! I started having back problems and could barely walk without limping on my left. So I went to Southland Chiropractic Clinic. Dr Jack basically put me on the table and did a few adjustments and I was good as new. Although I paid $100.00 for less than 5 minutes of his time I was just glad the pain had gone away.

So a few months later I start feeling similar pains in my lower back so I decided to try another chiropractor. Yelp basically brought me to Hagan's office. First, it was nothing like Southland Chiropractic Clinic. They actually asked questions regarding the history of my back pains. Not to mention they did an X-Ray. I felt like I was actually at the doctor's office. But then an assistant directed me towards the back room where they provide massage therapy BEFORE getting an adjustment. Now, I don't know if almost all chiropractors do this, but all I know is Dr. Jack offered no kind of electro stimulating massages with his session! Having someone basically crack your back is somewhat nerve racking so a newcomer like me found the massage extremely helpful! Within a few minutes I was ready for my adjustment with Dr Hagan.

Basically the service is nice, the employees are polite, the office is clean, and he offers specials for new patients.

What People Say About Dr. Kent Hagan, D.C. | Hayward Chiropractors Alysia W.

After a long hiatus I was overdue for an adjustment but my insurance hates me and doesn't cover chiropractic care ]: For some odd reason I was allowed 12 medically necessary visits in AZ but I get nothing in CA.. So after waiting 3 months I finally went in today because I was experiencing more pain than usual..

Dr. Hagan is currently holding a new patient special where you receive a consultation, complete examination, x-rays, and an explanation of treatment options for $37. For an additional ~$45 you can receive treatment and get your back adjusted that same day! For people like me who are members of evil insurance companies, it is more cost effective to sign-up for a package deal to reduce the overall cost of care.. If you pre-pay for 12 visits the cost of each adjustment is reduced to $39.60 so you save $60 in the long run.. This is great if you can swallow the $475.20 cost up front but not helpful if you're strapped on cash.. They also have $200 monthly payment plans if you pay for the full price adjustment to help out their clients..

My first experience here was great! The receptionist, massage therapist, and both of the doctors were all very friendly and approachable.. I first had a consultation with Dr. Hagan, then an examination and x-rays with Dr. Gong.. While they developed my x-rays I received electrostimulation therapy and a mini-massage in their therapy room.. After that I got my back adjusted by Dr. Hagan and I was good to go!

Unfortunately I found out my back suffered a lot during the 3 months that I neglected to get it adjusted so I'll be going through an intense therapy/adjustment schedule for the foreseeable future ]: At least the office and employees are nice though so it's not a bad place to have to go to [: This is by far the largest chiropractic office I have ever seen! They have everything you could possibly imagine, including exercise equipment.. I thought that was very unique and progressive..

What People Say About Dr. Kent Hagan, D.C. | Hayward Chiropractors Team G

Dr. Hagan is a great chiropractor and people need to know.

I've been seeing him since August 2012 and I feel great. I've regularly received chiropractic care since 1999. I am very particular about chiropractors because I respond to some adjustments better than others. I can say with confidence that Dr. Hagan's technique is flawless and very effective.

My husband sees him as well (though not often as he should) and also responds well to Dr. Hagan's technique.

The great aspect to this clinic is the way that Dr. Hagan approaches his care. Rather than just "racking and cracking" you, patient's receive therapy consisting of electro stimulation followed by massage (Veronica and Angelica are amazing!) before each adjustment. This not only makes patients more responsive to adjustments but it's going the extra mile for his patients as well.

The office staff is also very friendly, Adela is fabulous. I can't say enough about this clinic.

Dr. Hagan is a must! I've seen other chiros in the area and none of them come close to his work. I highly recommend to those looking for a great chiropractor.

What People Say About Dr. Kent Hagan, D.C. | Hayward Chiropractors Phoenix G.

Suffered an injury last week, finally on the 3rd day I couldn't take it anymore. The ibuprofen and ice/heat was just not cutting it. My back was in so much pain and locked up I couldn't even move. So finally gave in and took the advice of seeing a chiropractor. There many to chose from on Yelp, and it being in Hayward I was skeptical.... but went with them anyway... the best choice!!

Im a pro ballroom dancer so without my body moving I can't make money! Dr. Hagan saved me within 20 minutes! For such a low price you get consultation, x-rays, two types of massages, and an adjustment. After the first adjustment I can finally move!!! Came back the next morning for a 2nd round, and I was back to work that same day. I love this place and the whole staff. Im going to bribe my students with a free lesson if they come see him, because its good for your posture and no more headaches!